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“Hello, White diamond was a blessing to our family this year. You made our dream come true, To God we never believed you were going to ship the baby to us, Because we had fallen into the hands of scammers , So my husband said, well this should be the last time that we are sending money via wire transfer. And thank GOD we did and you kept to your words.” Now we have the baby of our dreams and we couldn't have asked for anything more 

Madison and Smith , Edmonton,Canada

“I can’t tell you how happy. Barbie and Carrie are great puppies. They are fabulous dogs and we love them very much. We started dog training this week and they are proving to be a very smart girl and boy. They certainly have their own personality, but they are real members of the family and love to sit with us in the evenings watching TV. .

Travis J. Russell

“Just wanted to let you know we are so incredibly in love with Angel!!! She is such a good girl and smart as all get out. She is loving life on the farm, and already trying out her herding skills on the cows, horses, chickens and cats. We never have her on a leash; she listens well and plays outside all day with us while we work about. Thank you very much.”

Tom B. Watts

I got your voicemail over the weekend and wanted to let you know Castro is doing great. He is weighing 2.4 pounds and is spoiled rotten. We love him to death. I have attached a couple of pics of him so you could see what he looks like now. Let me know that you got these. Thanks, Debra

Debra A. Castillo, Tampa Florida

White Diamond English Bulldogs,
I've been looking for a puppy for about 6 months and I finally found Little Lola,You were very nice and informative and took the time to answer all questions I had, so I felt very secure getting a puppy from you. and now i know i can always count on you if i have any worries or need help raising her. Now we couldn't be happier with Lola in our family. Thank you
We are quite thrilled with the new addition to our pack!

Amber, Danielle and family….Nevada, Las Vegas

Hi there,
Paco has turned out to be an excellent dog. You missed the boat on this one with regards to his intelligence. He learns and picks up things extremely quickly. He’s more intelligent than Coal was. I would love to train and campaign him in obedience, but that’s not going to happen as I don’t want to take away from the relationship Damstro and Edam has with him.

Richard & Angel

Hi Cooper, I just wanted to update you on our bundle of joy:) Chunk is doing great!!! He is such a sweetheart, and growing beautifully. He has turned into our little celebrity, everywhere we go we are stopped. I can’t tell you how much we are in love with him. Baxter and Chunk play constantly, which is the cutest thing ever. He is a growing big boy gained about 2lbs in one week:) I wanted to share with you some photos…1st photo was when we received him…Your puppy Nanny’s are great!! Thank you!

James B. Hernandez, Los Angeles

Our family wants to thank you for all the time and attention you gave us in helping us get our wonderful new healthy bulldog puppy home. She is a doll! We have renamed her Diwie lol. She has a great personality…cuddly, curious, active and a little stubborn! She fits right in the household. We thank you so very much and also thank God for directing us to your site.
Hope all is well.

Alvin and Cindy Houston,TX

Just wanted to let you know we got home late last night after we had to wait an hour longer in Dallas for the pilot to show up (that was a new one in flying!) Anyways he is doing great and after an hour of sniffing my two pugs woke up this morning and treated him as one of gang. I took him to the vet this morning and he checked out great and was micro chipped. My vet was impressed with his soundness and structure and said he was the finest bulldog pup he had ever examined in his 25 year career. I will send you some pictures occasionally so you can see how he grows up. Thanks for your conscientious breeding….it is much appreciated.

Marisol. Pennsylvania

I am head over heels with my new baby boy. white diamond has been nothing but incredible throughout this entire experience/process. They truly did an impeccable job at raising my puppy up until 3 months old. I didn’t get a chance to personally meet her as she was away when I purchased “Jackson” but she is always available via call/text for any important/non-important and/or random questions I have. He is an incredible breeder and very easy to tell she loves her pups and what she does; Their quality of work is top-notch. I am thinking about giving “Cujo” (his new name) a sibling in the future and I will definitely use her again.

Emmett A. Rommel, Washington, DC

Luna has been the best puppy imaginable.  She’s so intelligent and became integrated with our 7 year old Papillion almost immediately.  She’s been to the vet for check up as you advised us to, and I have nothing but good reports from the veterinarian regarding her health in general.  I am extremely pleased overall with my experience purchasing Luna from White Diamond.  I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in an English Bulldog puppy.
Josh Hatfield
Fort Wayne, IN

Josh Hatfield, Fort Wayne, IN

We love Jax so much!  He became really comfortable very quickly. The entire process was very easy. It was seamless from the first email to picking him up at airport.  He is very lively and keeps us on our toes. He has already gained 12 pounds since we have had him.  Thank you so much!!!!

Mindy California

To say that I did an extensive amount of research prior to purchasing would be an understatement.  We had a Boston Terrier for 14 years before she passed in March 2016 and she was a member of our family.  So, to bring in another puppy, after our four children had lost the only dog they've grown up with, was critical that we find the best. From the very beginning of reaching out to White Diamond, I was impressed. He's extremely professional, truly loves and cares for their puppies, and takes care of her clients.  We bought our puppy fairly soon after she was born so waiting that long two months before getting her was like waiting to see your first newborn! But, white diamond was just perfect  they sent us updates and answered every question we had during that time. We were extremely satisfied when we went to pick up our pup, Bella. White diamond maintains an extremely clean property and again is very professional. Bella has been through all of her puppy appointments and has received a clean bill of health from our vet.  Bella is an awesome dog - sweet, vibrant, healthy! I would highly recommend any family, friend or acquaintance that is interested in a puppy to work with Cooper at White diamond bulldogs. We would certainly go back to Cooper again but at this time, Bella is all we need.
Thank you,
Christina Flaim

Christina Flaim

I can not say enough good things about White Diamond.I have wanted an English bulldog my whole life. I researched and followed breeders on social media for as long as I can remember. Everyday weeding out ones that didn’t seem up to par. One day i saw a post by white diamond, and I knew he had to be mine! they went above and beyond in keeping us in the loop about everything including delivery of our buy Zeus. we received him at our house and he was a bit shy at first but the next day he felt at home. We also took him to the Vet the next day and our vet was impressed by how well he looked after the flight and even said he is the most healthy bulldog he has had to come across in years. Zeus is now a great part of our family and we would recommend anyone your puppies.

Monty S. Somers, California

We began searching for the perfect Bulldog breeder at the beginning of 2018.  After checking out a few breeders online, we thankfully stumbled upon white diamond English Bulldog's site.  The dogs and puppies on their website were absolutely adorable, so we knew we had found the right place.  After contacting them, we had a prompt responds by answering any questions we had.  Our precious little Bijou arrived in April.  When we first met her, we were able to meet her brothers and sisters as well as her parents and some of the other bulldogs in the family.  You could truly tell how much love they have for every single animal they have.  On June 9th, we finally got to bring Bijou home.  She is such a cute little girl!  Bijou caught on really quickly and is wonderful around so many people, including children.  Also, she has successfully attended doggy daycare.  She can be a pistol with her playful moments, but she is also so sweet when it comes to her cuddle time.  We love Bijou sooooooo much!!!  If you've been looking for the perfect place to find your perfect French Bulldog, you've found it!...Carlo and Roho

Carlo and Roho

We are in love with our new dog Mugu! Thank you Cooper and the rest of the team at WHITE DIAMOND for giving us the opportunity to have him a part of our lives and for sharing him with us.

Let us start by saying, happiness is a warm puppy. you are "Simply Outstanding", in every aspect. Professionalism, care, guidance, and quick complete responses to every question or concern you may have with your new addition. Our ''Buddah'' ( former name Aron ) has been the talk of the town, and he puts on a show with his calm temperament, attentiveness, his coat, and his overall health. This is the breeder you want and need when you're looking for your English Bulldogs! Believe when I tell you, Shirley is the BEST!!!!!


Megumi Jones

This little boy has changed our lives

I cannot say enough about our boy Jax, he has literally brought complete joy and happiness to our world, if you are looking for a puppy, you will be so very pleased, we are beyond happy with him, my daughter and I love him so very dearly, she actually always want to play with him, hold and cuddle him and its always soo cute watching them. I cant imagine life without him.

“Happy New Year! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. Just wanted to update you that Ziggy has settled in beautifully and we are all so in love with him. My dad couldn't believe his eyes with the gift. he absolutely loves him. lol. Thanks again!” helping us delay the delivery in other to surprise him

Pauline W. Berner

My husband and I got Benji (formerly John Snow) a week ago today. He is smart, beautiful, and super sweet. White Diamond really cares about the puppies and it is so evident in how well they are socialized. Benji already knows what going outside means (potty!). My husband and I are so happy with our sweet boy and any future bulldogs we would only come from you. Thank you so much for being so great at what you do!

Jerry and Linda Hickory, PA

“Thank you so much for our sweet boy. We named him Dobby (like from harry potter) and he is incredibly sweet and cuddly and loves everyone!!”

Jk and Rachael

“Stan is just the greatest joy. I haven't stopped smiling since i received him last night  So glad we got him from you guys.  Don’t let the big beard fool you. That man is obsessed with his dog.”

Tommy K. Jarvis

“OMG we are over the moon in love with Travis, he is absolutely all we ever wanted in a dog and more. lol! Thank you! There aren't words to describe how thankful we are for this new love in our life!”

Richard W.

This was absolutely fantastic from start to finish with the purchase of our second bulldog. Teddy is top quality when it comes to Bulldogs. Absolutely amazing temperament and was great with the kiddos from the beginning. We could not be happier with our girl. Thanks again for making our experience so wonderful!

Donald Tucker